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Guide: what is important about a car value appraisal?

Guide: What is important about a car value appraisal? Ever wondered what's behind the magic of a car appraisal? Let's demystify it! A value appraisal is a meticulous dive into the heart and soul of your vehicle, where history meets mechanics. We don't just look at the car; we look through it. From the engine's purr to the story behind each scratch, we assess, evaluate, and translate metal into money. Why? Because every car has a tale, and every tale has its worth.

Journey Interview

JOURNEY Magazine - Interview: The great freedom

Both are on four wheels - that's all they have in common for now. Vehicle technology engineer Laura Kukuk is in demand worldwide as an expert on classic cars and is convinced of their sustainability. Daniel Zellinger from FlixBus swears by modern buses as a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Where is the journey going? To the same destination, actually. A conversation about the mobility of tomorrow.

Matching Numbers

In the realm of classic automobile engineering, few terms resonate with as much significance as "matching numbers". This seemingly simple concept, in reality, embodies the intricate fusion of design integrity, historical authenticity, and engineering exactitude. For enthusiasts, collectors, and engineers alike, matching numbers serve as a testament to a vehicle's pedigree and provenance.

Christophorus: Vintage car detective

At just 30 years of age, she's a member of the jury of the prestigious Concorso d'Eleganza competition, and her expertise in classic cars is in high demand the world over. Engineer Laura Kukuk marches to the beat of her own drum in the traditional automotive scene.


Guide: 5 TIPS HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR CARS VALUE. In the intricate symphony of engineering and design that defines the world of automobiles, ensuring that your prized possession retains (or even appreciates in) its value is a task that calls for diligence, expertise, and a discerning eye. With decades of engineering and restoration experience, Ingenieurbüro Kukuk elucidates five pivotal strategies to augment the value of your automobile.

Kukuk's Petrol House