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In addition to the classic business, our strength lies in the special. Whether it's an articulated lorry, combine harvester or classic car - we take on every special case.

Whether classic car, racing car or sports car, whether motorbike or one-off...

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For racing and sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes - all special motor vehicles!


Since 1986, we have stood for what every motorist wants in the event of a claim: fast, transparent and competent service. We come to you or your preferred workshop and assess your vehicle on site.

As Accident victim you should definitely hire an expert as well as a lawyer of your choice to fully enforce your claims. Otherwise you will lose a lot of money. Especially the reduction in value is a very popular reduction item. This usually happens without any justification and/or justification. You should protect yourself from this by hiring professionals.

We use lifting platforms and dismantle the vehicle on inspection if necessary. In complex cases, repair support is of course also offered.

We guarantee:

  • Detailed Calculation the repair costs incurred & agreement with the repair workshop
  • Determination of the Vehicle value
  • Determination Replacement- and if applicable. Residual value
  • Determination of the depreciation according to the Ruhkopf-Sahm and Halbgewachs methods, and comparison with current case law

Damage appraisal You will need this in order to assert your claims for damages with the opposing insurance company. For you as the injured party, the preparation of a damage report is even completely unnecessary. free of chargebecause the insurance company of the person who caused the accident must pay for this.

  • We provide independent expert opinions and are not bound to any insurance companies
  • Our appraisals serve as comprehensive preservation of evidence which is necessary for the settlement of the damage. Items such as the repair costs, the replacement value, the residual value and the reduction in value are determined.
  • You can and should definitely choose the expert yourself so that he or she judges independently!

Too often you hear the story that after damage has been caused by an accident, the insurance company tries to squeeze the amount of the claim and in the process the accident victim also becomes the insurance company's victim. Or you buy a much-praised used car and find out afterwards that you bought it for far more than it was worth. For this reason it is worthwhile Competent and technically trained automotive experts to commission.

Your rights

→ You should not leave the settlement of claims to the other party's insurance company alone. This could leave some of your compensation claims unconsidered.

→ In order to assert all your claims for compensation relating to the vehicle damage and the resulting costs, you need a motor vehicle damage appraisal.

→ Hire a free and independent motor vehicle expert. He or she will carry out a detailed and neutral examination of the evidence so that you can assert your rights.

→ Now you can have your vehicle repaired or have the money paid out based on the damage assessment.

In the event of accidents for which you are not at fault, you have Rightwhich you should also make a point of taking advantage of:

→ Free choice of an independent motor vehicle expert

→ Free choice of lawyer

→ Free choice of repair workshop

→ Reimbursement of the costs for a rental car or compensation for loss of use

→ Payment of an impairment

→ Assumption of various conversion costs

In the case of self-inflicted accidents (comprehensive damage), the settlement is regulated in your insurance contract. In most cases, your insurance company is authorised to issue instructions and will tell you how to proceed.

In order to get a first impression of our work, we have compiled various expert opinions as examples.

If you are interested in the complete, redacted appraisals, please contact us and we will send them to you immediately!

Damage appraisal

  • Any motor vehicle
  • Loss calculation
  • Damage reconstruction
Damage Assessment Porsche Carrera GT

Engine appraisals

  • Engine damage investigation and cause research

Here, too, we have meaningful examples!

Special vehicles and examinations

  • Causal research
  • Repair support
Bugatti Veyron damage assessment
Kukuk's Petrol House