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The BMW M1 - Bavarian plastic wedge with racing ambitions

The forerunner of the BMW M1 is the BMW Turbo, a flat sports car flounder that was conceived as a study and was never to go into series production. But the shape appealed and inspired those responsible at BMW to design the M1, a super sports car of which only the required number of homologation models were to be built.

The aim was to create a competitive racing car for the FIA Group 4 series. However, a change in the regulations shattered the engineers' dreams and the BMW M1 was a super racing car - but unfortunately without a racing series. Bad luck for BMW's Motorsport GmbH, which was set up especially for the production of the M1, but good luck for the solvent customer. Although some M1s were entered in the specially created Procars series, the majority went into regular sales.

Oli thinks the M1 is great, of course - because it has flip-up headlights. Laura still dreams of her rides in an M1 Procar and raves about the super sports car qualities. Ron likes the brute design - and of course that it's a BMW. What all this has to do with Lamborghini, why the tail lights are from the 5 Series and which part comes from Schweinfurt - find out in our podcast!

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