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The Fiat 600 - A small car makes Italy mobile

The task for Fiat's engineers was clear: a worthy successor to the successful Fiat Topolino had to be produced that was inexpensive, offered sufficient space and, in an emergency, could be repaired by the owner himself. So in 1955 the "Seicento" came onto the market, as the Fiat 600 is still popularly known today. With this, Italy also had its small car icon, which was affordable for the masses and made the country as mobile as the Beetle in Germany or the Renault 4 in France.

As a classic car, the Fiat 600 tends to lead a niche existence today and is overshadowed by its little brother, the popular and now also more expensive Fiat 500. It's a good thing that there are such intrepid enthusiasts as Laura Kukuk, who has taken on a particularly pitiful example of the "Seicento" and restored it from the ground up. Engineer Kukuk, a classic car expert by profession, knows the 600 inside out. What Laura's Fiat has to do with the Mille Miglia, why Oli once again manages to make Ron gasp and, above all, what role the river Neckar plays in the topic - you can find out all this here, in the latest edition of Classicpodcars, this time with Laura and, for once, without Frank.

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