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"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the work, wait until you hire an amateur."

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We attach great importance to

  • Professional competence
  • Quality
  • Transparency

We will be happy to discuss the question of costs with you. We will bill you for the time we have actually spent on your behalf, in an easily comprehensible list.

Value & authenticity appraisals, technical examinations

Vintage car/value appraisals from €698.00
Vintage car appraisals/value adjustment for preliminary appraisals in our companyafter consultation
Originality examinations, research, history examination, material thickness measurement, restoration support, examination according to assemblies, MRI, ultrasound, and much more.from €2,500
Authenticity testing with optical emission spectrometry for material determination as well as embossing mark testingfrom 5.000€
3D measurement and 3D modelafter consultation
2D / 3D X-ray after consultation
Etching method according to Fry, macro etching, Adler for embossing marks or weld seam analysisafter consultation
Engine appraisal with pressure loss test, internal caliper measurement, magnetic particle crack test of the crankshaft/camshaft, oil and fuel analysis from €1,500
Embossing mark examination by means of MRI, X-ray and / or etching methodfrom €800
Microscopic light bulb inspection, microscopic light bulb inspection from €298
Tyre testing with flexing resistance test and/or rolling resistance test, flexing force detection and material testing from €1,000
Paint film thickness measurement (steel, aluminium, GRP & CFRP)from €50
Material thickness measurement of the car body outer skin by ultrasound, without approach / Material thickness measurement of frame components by ultrasound, without approachfrom €250

Extrajudicial activity, on a flat-rate basis
We are happy to discuss the alternative options for remuneration. In our experience, we can often agree on flat fees in the following cases. However, we would be happy to provide you with an individual cost offer. Please note that the prices stated here already include the statutory value-added tax, however non-binding are:

Damage appraisal

The remuneration for standard cars consists of a basic fee and ancillary costs. In the case of a repair, the amount of the basic fee is determined depending on the amount of the repair costs (net) plus any depreciation. In the case of a total loss, the basic fee is determined according to the amount of the replacement value (gross). The calculation is carried out according to the respective current fee table of the BVSK, HB III Corridor. For non-standard cars (US vehicles, exotics, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, motorhomes, etc.), remuneration is based on actual expenditure. Incidental costs will be charged according to actual expenditure or as a lump sum. If assistance is required from a workshop to assess the damage (e.g. lifting platform, wheel dolly, further assistance), this will be charged according to expenditure, depending on the workshop. (* All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate, subject to change).

Judicial activity

For reasons of transparency, we also prefer billing on a time basis for our nationwide judicial activities. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with a list of the anticipated costs incurred in advance.

For your orientation, here are some principles of our fees in advance....

Extrajudicial activity: on a time basis
We usually charge for out-of-court work according to hourly rates. This way you can bring all your questions to us without fear of a confusing fee, and we will "go to bat" for you right away. A fair alternative in our opinion!

  • The hourly rate for Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kukuk is € 300.00 plus expenses and 19 % VAT.
  • The hourly rate for Automotive Engineer Laura Kukuk is €300.00 plus expenses and 19 % VAT.
  • The hourly rate for the motor specialist and master mechanic is € 185.00 plus expenses and 19 % VAT.
  • The hourly rate for the Stud.-Ing. expert is € 150.00 plus expenses and 19 % VAT.
  • The hourly rate for secretarial work is € 85.00 plus expenses and 19 % VAT.

The necessary ancillary costs for the preparation of the expert opinion are not part of the basic fee or the above-mentioned hourly rates, but will be invoiced separately.

- Travel costs (time will be invoiced separately at 150,00 € / hour), km invoicing 0,70 € per km

- Photo costs € 2.00 per original

- 2nd set of photos € 0.50

- Printing costs per expert opinion page € 2.00

- Copies of expert opinion pages € 0.50

- Postage according to cost

- Telephone costs according to expenditure


Consultation and provision of expertise and specialist knowledge also on a telephone basis, outside of an inspection / on-site appointment is charged at € 75.00 / 15 minutes.


If required, we will regulate the details in a written remuneration contract. We would be happy to send you a fee contract as an example.

For questions, ask... please.

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kukuk,

Motor vehicle expert, classic car appraisal, classic car damage appraisal, authenticity tests, authenticity tests.