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17th Claims Congress

A lecture by Laura Kukuk von Glahn


Expertise in motor vehicle claims management: Insights into Laura Kukuk von Glahn's presentation at the Claims Congress

Last year, Laura Kukuk von Glahn gave an insightful presentation at the Claims Congress, which was very well received by experts in the automotive industry.

The crucial role of expertise and insight Laura emphasised the essential nature of expertise and insight in motor claims management, both when interacting with private and business customers. She pointed out that these skills are often in short supply and lead to various challenges in the industry.

Harmonising knowledge with efficiency A key theme of Laura's presentation was the delicate balance between in-depth knowledge and the efficiency required when valuing damaged vehicles. This conflict often leads to increased claims costs, disputes and customer dissatisfaction - issues that need to be addressed urgently.

Addressing training and demographic shifts Laura emphasised the need for action, starting with the training of experts and reviewers. She pointed out the significant changes in training and education over the years and expressed concern about the loss of 40 % of experts due to demographic changes and career changes.

Potential of AI and technological integration Looking to the future, Laura suggested that AI and technology could be key to solving these challenges. By integrating technology, the industry could strengthen its expertise and better manage the balance between speed and depth of knowledge.

A vision for the future of claims management Laura shared an inspiring vision for the future: damaged vehicle parts that autonomously report that they need to be repaired could revolutionise the automotive claims management landscape.

Her presentation at the Claims Congress was more than just an overview of current issues; it was a call to action and innovation in the automotive industry. Her insights emphasised the need for a harmonious combination of expert knowledge, technological progress and a customer-centric approach to automotive claims management.


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