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The Magneto Optical method largely replaces the Fry etching method and is based on a resonance process using magnetic energy and helps us to determine the Embossing markings non-destructively on a vehicle. Examination of the Embossing markings on a vehicle, such as chassis number, VIN and body number. Hidden digits, double strokes, grinding marks and much more can be examined, because the invisible is made visible. Matching Number Verification.

For almost 7 years we have been able to examine embossed markings on vehicles NON-INVASIVELY and in 95 % of the cases we have a meaningful result. Otherwise, we use the Fry etching method, which destructively allows us to determine further findings. An exciting method, despite the destruction! Here's an exciting case from early 2000 and the investigation of an "SSK" - check it out!  We have also used this method here.

A demonstration by the manufacturer of the method is available at to see.
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