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The Oil analysis we carry out on aggregates such as engine, gearbox and differential to get a better overview of the aggregate condition. Enables precise analysis of the oil in the engine/transmission for its components. The analysis results are informative and can be an indication, for example, that the head gasket needs to be changed or that there is bearing damage.

  • Determine wear condition
  • Early problem identification
  • Estimation of life expectancy
  • Conclusions about the treatment of the vehicle
  • Impurities -> Foreign matter content
  • Oil condition -> Viscosity
  • Additives ->Part of additives

Analysis of the engine oil sample:

On the left the values of a fresh oil sample and on the right the engine oil sample of the test vehicle:

Iron is strongly elevated, but copper and aluminium are also slightly elevated. Lead/copper typical bearing materials. Silicon is high and indicates dust/dirt, which has an abrasive effect and thus promotes wear. Potassium/sodium is also elevated, which can come from the coolant, as it is often used as an additive in the coolant. Fuel is slightly elevated and not the primary problem here.

You can get an impression in the following video:

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