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There are essentially 3 measuring methods to carry out non-destructive coating thickness measurements, for example of paint thickness measurements on e.g. car bodies:

  • The magnetic-inductive measuring method for measurements on ferritic substrates such as sheet metal
  • The eddy current method for measurements on non-ferrous substrates such as aluminium
  • Ultrasound for substrate-independent measurements or multilayer measurements.

By now a "must do" of every assessment! You get to know the car in detail in the superficial body area. We can also determine the thickness of the paint layer or any type of material thickness. Ultrasound is used in particular for examining the paint thickness on GRP and CFRP, so we can identify a first-paint vehicle or hidden accidents on the basis of altered body structures!

Paint film thickness measurement also possible by means of ultrasound, especially on GRP and CFRP
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