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The early warning system for engines monitors all important parameters during the flight. Even the smallest deviations are detected and corrected in advance. Engine Trend Monitoring provides important information on the condition of an engine. Early diagnoses prevent expensive consequential damage and enable forward-looking maintenance planning.

Here the parallels to OELCHECK be drawn!

The fact that abnormalities are detected and analysed at an early stage is thanks to MTU Maintenance's Engine Trend Monitoring (ETM) - a comprehensive monitoring of engine parameters by a monitoring software developed in-house by MTU. "During the flight, the aircraft computer records the most important engine parameters such as engine speeds, pressures, temperatures and vibrations," explains Norman Schwarz from Performance Engineering at MTU Maintenance Hannover. The ETM system evaluates these parameters at certain points in a flight cycle - usually during take-off and cruise - by comparing the data with expected values from a corresponding engine model. "In this way, conspicuous changes - for example with regard to the thermodynamic behaviour of an engine - are detected and even the smallest deviations are quickly identified."

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