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We stand by our work!

*We are insured for our activities under public liability, also in the event of a financial loss, and are therefore fully liable for our work. (On the back of our appraisals it does not say "For insurance purposes only"!)

New vehicles

  • Expert opinions for e-vehicles also in the damage area
  • Motor vehicle damage assessment
  • Motor vehicle appraisal
  • Technical investigations
  • Engine and gearbox appraisals

Classic car

  • Authenticity and originality appraisals
  • Vintage car damage appraisal
  • Vintage car appraisal
  • Technical investigations
  • Engine and gearbox appraisals
  • History research
  • Market and value analysis

Special vehicles

  • Racing, sports and super sports cars
  • Originality investigation
  • Value and damage appraisals
  • Motorbike damage / value appraisal
  • Motorbike appraisal
  • Trike damage / value appraisal
  • Truck/motorhome/caravan damage appraisals

Scientific and forensic investigation possibilities

The expert activities cover a wide range of services

Advantages of an investigation by our engineering office

Experience from over


  • Determination of all necessary investments Calculation of restoration costs
  • Restoration support
  • Determination of the valueIndividual / comprehensible market analysis to determine the market value
  • Replacement value
  • Recovery value
  • Market comparison and market assessment
  • Intensive historical research
  • Consultation of specialist literature and an extensive network of experts from many car brands
  • Liability is assumed for any statements made in the appraisal report, which gives the customer security when purchasing the vehicle.

  • Detailed appraisal with many photographic descriptions and history are the result of neat photos and videos.
  • Bound copy for illustration purposes
  • Exact description of the condition of the vehicle with subdivision into individual assemblies: Frame, body, chassis, engine, gearbox, interior, electrics, add-on parts, paintwork
  • Individual mark allocation plus overall condition mark of the vehicle
  • National and international outreaches take place weekly
  • Vehicles of any age and make can be appraised through extensive expertise and network
  • We act as a filter between seller and buyer, always striving for an objective finding.
  • In addition, we can prepare our expert opinions in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian.

In addition to the "classic" expert opinion, the tasks of experts also include, for example, consultations, opinions, assessments, evaluation of individual technical issues, damage reports, damage calculations, reports and examinations. The content, scope and basis of assessment are defined by the assignment or by the contractual regulation in the individual case.

The very least!

Minimum requirements catalogue and guideline for the proper and professional preparation of an expert opinion

Damage appraisal

  • Have you had an accident that was not your fault? We can advise you within the scope of our expert activities.
  • Expert opinion - so that you can enforce your claims with the opposing insurance company.
  • Quantification of the amount of damage, reduction in value, loss of use and rental car class
  • Explanation of the billing variants possible in your case.
  • Carrying out plausibility and compatibility checks.
  • Review of third party appraisals, cost estimates and invoices.
  • Carrying out repair tests.

Value & authenticity appraisals and technical examinations

We guarantee you with every one of our vehicle inspections:

  • Professional competence and expertise for your vehicle.
  • Every assembly is examined in detail, the best thing is for you to be there!
  • A lifting platform is mandatory!
  • Oil analysis of the aggregates such as engine, gearbox and differential are a must!
  • A large network and bundled expertise for you!
  • History research and manufacturer data such as the certificate of delivery are
    consulted by us in the course of preparations or for the preparation of expert reports.
  • Coating thickness measurement of the coating
  • Endoscopy of the cavities
  • Test drive with video
    • Picture transmission directly into your living room
    • Drone escort with Hasselblad camera and excellent image quality
    • Individual wishes
  • Illuminating the combustion chambers
  • Ultrasonic measurement of the (wall thicknesses / frame / body / cylinder walls)
  • Spectroscopy to determine the material composition for the determination of the vehicle age
  • Access to the company's own archive and manufacturer data
  • MRI for non-invasive analysis of vehicle embossing markings
  • Etchings for embossing markings for testing
  • 2D and 3D scan creation for frame and body authenticity assessment
  • Restoration control / quality control
  • 2D and 3D X-ray e.g. to determine cracks in the structure or overturned embossing marks
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