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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 7AM - 8PM

The GRRC-only Members' Meeting is an epic sell-out weekend of motor racing and high-speed track demonstrations, featuring all kinds of cars from classic tin-tops and GTs, to motorbikes and open wheeled Formula 3 and F1 machines. Plus, wonderful food and drink, fun-packed festivities and great entertainment, all with no crowds.

Saturday opens with the traditional running of the track by the hunt before thegovernors who will have a chance to drive round the track. A parade of McLaren's finest road cars follows before the racing cars take to the track with a pair of Gerry Marshall Trophy practice sessions. 

While Saturday is largely dominated by practice sessions for most of the cars racing over the weekend, there are four races (the most the Saturday of Members' Meeting has ever had) in the afternoon. The two heats of this year's split Gerry Marshall Trophy run from 2.20pm onward, before the first race of the S.F. Edge Trophy at 4.40pm.

Each day is punctuated by two demonstrations, with the stunning Jaguar XJR-15 taking centre stage at 1.20pm on Saturday and 3.25pm on Sunday and the Ayrton Senna celebration at 2.50pm on day one and 1.15pm on day two. 

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