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"Travelling with a classic car, the journey is the destination. When we broke down again with the hobble car, a Citroën Kleeblatt from 1923 that Dad and Grandpa had bought from an elderly pharmacist in Normandy, everyone had their own job. I unscrewed the big spark plugs which Felix then had to clean with a brush. Dad secured the car with a block, as the band brake on the cardan shaft was anything but a parking brake. The first friendly "helpers" came running up and the first petrol talks started. On such a tour, no one had the idea of asking what range our car had. Each layover brought new friendships and remains a joyful memory for me to this day as the quintessence of travelling in a classic car. It is the social contacts, the accidental ones (breaking down) or the desired ones (going to the Mille) that we may lose with autonomous driving. Hopefully many more children will experience first contact with friendly helpers in a hobble car." - Laura Kukuk

"...but you are not insured!"

A formative history

Marina & Michael were there every year for the Christmas skiing. One sunny morning they were waiting at the chairlift for their ski instructor. I asked Michael if I could take them to take him for a ride. Michael politely declined, saying "You're not insured!".

That got me thinking. The parallels between all the "perfect" skiers who teach their friends how to ski and the "perfect" experts who advise their friends on buying a classic car. Both are not insured and cannot be held liable in case of emergency! To the skiers But the difference is that you can see their skills directly.

...but we are insured!

We give you security

Risk minimisation that has it all!

We stand and are liable for the content of our expert opinions with our name.

This means that we have the highest possible interest in the knowledge gained during the vehicle inspection. The aim is to verify the plausibility and reliability of the work and to make an incontestable statement about its condition, originality and value. Against this background, a comprehensive historical research forms We use certified scientific methods for objective condition and originality analysis and conclude with a holistic market research.

We summarise all these points in a comprehensive expert report so that every statement can be transparently accessed by third parties.

You receive an industry unique security!


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