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E-cars / Hybrid

The electrical components must already be examined when assessing accident damage to an electric / hybrid vehicle.


Only qualified personnel are authorised to carry out repairs on such vehicles. Due to the high-voltage system, electrically instructed personnel are required.

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E-cars / Hybrid

Damage appraisal

For new and used cars
We are there for you in the liability and comprehensive damage area!


With an advanced combination of concentrated expertise and digital progress, we serve our clients with the individual urgency and attention they need, on the spot!

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Damage appraisal

Damage appraisal classic car

For racing and sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes - all special motor vehicles!


Since 1986, we have stood for what every motorist wants in the event of a claim: fast, transparent and competent service. We come to you or your preferred workshop and assess your vehicle on site.

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Damage appraisal classic car

Certificate, value appraisal, damage appraisal

Certification and authentication

Tracking down counterfeiters with scientific methods from forensic technology


- Scientific analysis of materials
- Clarification of the originality and authenticity of historical components
-scientific and objective tracking and evidence

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Certification and authentication

Valuation report

Our top priority is an objective and detailed examination.


To this end, various forensic and scientific methods are regularly used during our examinations so that we can incorporate objective, scientific findings into our expert opinions.

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Valuation report


Everything about buying and selling, repairs, restorations, originality, value and market assessment.


- Restoration and repair support
- Vehicle condition assessment and advice on conservation, value enhancement and preservation of cultural assets
- Advice around Concours d'Elegance

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The latest news, explanatory films, interviews and publications on the subject of cars!

Concorso d’Eleganza VDE 2023

The classic form of the event ended in 1952. In the mid-1980s it was revived, and today it is run by German manufacturer BMW. 

A magnificent place to work 

The spectrum ranged from rarities from the 1920s, a time when aesthetics started influencing car design in addition to functional considerations, to the spectacularly designed hypercars from the future. As part of the jury, we spend months before the event meticulously researching each car and documenting our findings. Obviously, we focus on the groups or cars assigned to us and exchange information among our jury group.

The ICE - St. Moritz 2023

The ICE St.Moritz is a very different event, a refreshing concours. A completely magical environment where drivers, collectors, and just plain car enthusiasts enjoy a late winter day in the sunshine, surrounded by the landscape and atmosphere that only St.Moritz, at the top of the world, is able to offer.

Retro Classics Stuttgart 2023

Visit RETRO CLASSICS®, the world's largest and most beautiful meeting place for lovers of automotive legends from days long gone as well as classic car gems of tomorrow. Exhibitors from many parts of the world will present precious rarities worth seeing from all eras of automotive history in an extravagant ambience.

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Overview of our natural science services

We place the greatest value on: Professional competence, quality and transparency

Material analysis by means of spectrometry

  • Spectrometry, as a forensic scientific method of checking the originality and authenticity of a vehicle, has been used in our engineering office since 1986.
  • Dating of metallic materials
  • Non-invasive, mobile and can be used at any time
  • Comparative studies
  • Verification of year of manufacture and manufacturer period
  • Cooperation with sworn material analysts, chemical laboratories and universities

Material thickness measurement

  • Ultrasound for coating thickness measurement of paint and metal
  • by means of eddy current, magnetic inductive or ultrasound method
  • Comparison of the values with the technical drawings of the vehicle manufacturer
  • Sheet metal thickness measurement for originality testing and safety
  • for determining the initial paint, filler and paint build-up and the quality of sheet metal, fibreglass and carbon surfaces

History research

  • Certificate and data card procurement - Manufacturer
  • Contacting historians, type referees and clubs

3D scan / model / X-ray

  • 3D scan for damage and repair assessment
  • Spare parts production
  • Supporting the restoration e.g. by making a tapping model
  • Comparative investigation and detailed assessment
  • Evaluation of repair and restoration
  • Material compaction recognisable
  • Embossing marking examination
  • Material failure e.g. cracks and blowholes in the material core

Magneto Optical Method

  • Matching Number Verification
  • Revealing hidden digits, double strokes, grinding marks
  • For almost 7 years we have been able to NON-INVASIVELY examine embossed markings on vehicles and in 95 % of the cases we have a meaningful result.

Endoscopy + weld seam testing

  • Visual and assembly-free inspection of individual components (cylinders and cavities in the vehicle frame) e.g. for corrosion and rust detection
  • Inspection of the cylinder to detect engine damage
  • Assessment of the condition of individual cavities
  • Non-destructive materials testing
  • Visual inspection: welding procedure, quality, positioning

Oil analysis

  • Determine wear condition
  • Early problem detection before damage occurs
  • Estimation of life expectancy
  • Conclusions about vehicle condition
  • % wear determination

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References and feedback

Our clients value our work. We make sure that we help every client and offer our extensive expertise in a tailor-made way.

Jens Kielmann
Jens Kielmann
Klaus Kukuk is a super surveyor who helped me very quickly and well with my flood disaster last year, where three of my classic cars were up to the roof in water. Thank you
Kai Schwanke
Kai Schwanke
Great family business! Competent, punctual and reliable! I can only recommend!
Karl Albert Denk
Karl Albert Denk
Ms Kukuk was supposed to evaluate a car for me to buy in Cologne. She did it perfectly within 24 hours. I have rarely experienced such a good service and the expertise was meaningful and understandable. I can only recommend the company Kukuk to others with the best of consciences.
Karl Meyer
Karl Meyer
Klaus & Laura always super, don't despair ask Kukuk
Andreas Weissenseel
Andreas Weissenseel
Kukuk knows what, investigates, researches, everything with the help of the most modern (and partly to be developed!) technology...and puts it all into an understandable and comprehensible form. You can't get it for €fifty...but do we expect top gastronomy for that? Besides, his expert opinions are reliable....for insurance companies, in court. Do you know anyone better?
Tobi Olma
Tobi Olma
Very very good appraiser with a great team. Everyone is very friendly and always ready to help. The team is always up to date. Highly recommended, happy to come back. Keep it up
Raoul W
Raoul W
Prima appraiser technically very competent very friendly staff prima from me 5 stars
Marita Börsch
Marita Börsch
First port of call for accident damage. Competent and uncomplicated

Hourly wage survey

You are also in the classic car business and we would very much appreciate your participation in our survey!

There is no representative survey of hourly rates, especially in the area of classic and special vehicles. The DEKRA survey on hourly rates does not meet the specific requirements of classic cars. We have therefore decided to conduct an annual survey of representative classic car specialist businesses.