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Up to nine million damages occur on Germany's roads every year - in around five million of these cases, the accident damage is recorded and processed as a vehicle appraisal. The completion of this appraisal takes an average of two weeks. With us, you receive the professional calculation within a few minutes and the completed appraisal within the next 24 hours! This does not require AI, AI or call centres - just a competent expert on site.


Since 1984, we have stood for what every motorist wants in the event of a claim: fast, transparent and competent service. We come to you or to the workshop of your choice and assess your vehicle on site. We provide you with full support from the time the damage occurs to the repair or new vehicle procurement carried out, and we do so with the individual urgency and attention you need. We use digital possibilities for internal process optimisation, but they are no substitute for personal consultation on the vehicle, with you on site!

For new and used cars - We are there for you in the liability and comprehensive claims area! With an advanced combination of concentrated expertise and digital progress, we look after our customers with the individual urgency and attention they need, on the spot!


How to carry out a successful claims settlement as quickly as possible

A motor vehicle damage report must be prepared by a recognised expert who works neutrally and independently without external influences. It offers a transparent and verifiable assessment of the damage and goes beyond a simple cost estimate, as it contains a detailed list of all damage-relevant items. We therefore recommend that you assert your justified claims and request a damage assessment from Kukuk.

      Through a personal consultation, we first clarify the question of guilt with you and then consider what is best for you and your vehicle.
      Together, we will immediately arrange an appointment for an appraisal and, if desired, we can be with you at the vehicle on the same day - whether at home, in the workshop of your choice or online without contact.

Tip: If you want a contactless appraisal, we can switch directly to a video call and start the appraisal. This way you don't lose any time and you already have the damage calculation in your mailbox at the end of the phone call!

2. commission an expert: In order for us to get started, we need an order from you. I will send you the order confirmation together with the declaration of assignment by e-mail, which you can easily sign digitally and send back to us.

3rd appraisal: One of our certified experts takes a full look at your vehicle, determines the extent of the damage and calculates the repair costs. You will then receive the court-approved certified appraisal within 24 hours directly by e-mail and, if you wish, also by post. Of course, if you wish, we will also send all the documents to the lawyer you have instructed or directly to the opposing insurance company, so that the matter is settled quickly and you receive your payment.

Tip: We use various calculation methods to calculate the depreciation to which you are entitled. You are entitled to this money, so don't be put off by insurance companies and the like!

We will be happy to assist you in communicating with the insurance company, to find a lawyer specialised in traffic law and to accompany the repair. This means that you will not have to go through any further hassle!

5. the process should be completed within a few days: a quick receipt of payment from the insurance company or successful repair in the workshop of your choice - it couldn't be quicker!

Pro-tip - it creates No costs: As the injured party, you will not incur any costs, as the opposing insurance company is obliged by law to cover all costs incurred for clarification in the event of a claim.

The opposing insurance company naturally wants to keep the damage low, even if this would be disadvantageous for you as the injured party. Therefore, you will often experience a lot of pressure from the insurance companies, who want to avoid additional costs for experts, repairs and lawyers.

Call us without obligation or alternatively report your damage directly in our report form. We will be happy to do our best for you!


Whether hull or liability damage, whether e-vehicle, hybrid, classic or new car...

we are competently at your side!

Electric / hybrid vehicles

New vehicles

Classic car

Do not be deprived of your right to an independent expert, because you are entitled to this right without restriction! In the event of a liability claim, the injured party always has the right to commission the expert of his or her choice. The costs for the expert opinion are usually covered by the opposing insurance company, as long as the minor damage limit is not undercut. It is of great importance that you do not allow yourself to be imposed upon by a particular expert and that you do not disclose evidence prematurely under any circumstances. Ultimately, it is up to you alone to arrange the settlement of the claim according to your wishes.

As Accident victim you should definitely hire an expert as well as a lawyer of your choice to fully enforce your claims. Otherwise you will lose a lot of money. Especially the reduction in value is a very popular reduction item. This usually happens without any justification and/or justification. You should protect yourself from this by hiring professionals. We use lifting platforms and dismantle the vehicle on inspection if necessary. In complex cases, repair supervision is of course also offered.

We guarantee:

  • Detailed Calculation the repair costs incurred & agreement with the repair workshop
  • Determination of the Vehicle value
  • Determination Replacement- and if applicable. Residual value
  • Determination of the depreciation according to the Ruhkopf-Sahm and Halbgewachs methods, and comparison with current case law
  • Support from the time of the occurrence of the damage until completion, the repair carried out or new vehicle procurement
  • We provide independent expert opinions and are not bound to any insurance companies

Our appraisals serve as comprehensive preservation of evidence which is necessary for the settlement of the damage. Items such as the repair costs, the replacement value, the residual value and the reduction in value are determined.

You can and should definitely choose the expert yourself so that he or she judges independently!

Too often you hear the story that after damage has been caused by an accident, the insurance company tries to squeeze the amount of the claim and in the process the accident victim also becomes the insurance company's victim. Or you buy a much-praised used car and find out afterwards that you bought it for far more than it was worth. For this reason it is worthwhile Competent and technically trained automotive experts to commission.

Damage appraisal You need this in order to assert your claims for damages with the (opposing) insurance company. In the event of a liability claim, you as the injured party will incur the following costs for the preparation of a damage report no costs atbecause the insurance company of the person who caused the accident must pay for this.

Your rights

  • You should not leave the settlement of claims to the other party's insurance company alone. This could leave some of your compensation claims unconsidered.
  • In order to assert all your claims for compensation relating to the vehicle damage and the resulting costs, you need a motor vehicle damage appraisal.
  • Hire a free and independent motor vehicle expert. He or she will carry out a detailed and neutral examination of the evidence so that you can assert your rights.
  • Now you can have your vehicle repaired or have the money paid out based on the damage assessment.

Unintentional accidents

In the event of accidents for which you are not at fault, you have Rightwhich you should also make a point of taking advantage of:

  • Free choice of an independent motor vehicle expert
  • Free choice of lawyer
  • Free choice of repair workshop
  • Reimbursement of the costs for a rental car or compensation for loss of use
  • Payment of an impairment
  • Assumption of various conversion costs

Self-inflicted accidents

In the case of self-inflicted accidents (comprehensive damage), the settlement is regulated in your insurance contract. In most cases, your insurance company is authorised to issue instructions and will tell you how to proceed.


The remuneration for standard cars consists of a basic fee and ancillary costs. In the case of a repair, the amount of the basic fee is determined depending on the amount of the repair costs (net) plus any depreciation. In the case of a total loss, the basic fee is determined according to the amount of the replacement value (gross). The calculation is carried out according to the respective current fee table of the BVSK, HB III Corridor. For non-standard cars (US vehicles, exotics, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, motorhomes, etc.), remuneration is based on actual expenditure. Incidental costs will be charged according to actual expenditure or as a lump sum. If assistance is required from a workshop to assess the damage (e.g. lifting platform, wheel dolly, further assistance), this will be charged according to expenditure, depending on the workshop. (*All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate, subject to change).

To give you a first impression of our work, we have provided various expert opinions as examples


Here is some information at a glance (downloads):

We are here for you and look forward to helping you!

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kukuk

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kukuk

Vehicle engineer Laura Kukuk

Vehicle engineer Laura Kukuk

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