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Authentication & Certification

We determine the degree of originality and originality scientifically, objectively and carry out a certification of authenticity..


With our engineering and testing services, we help our customers with all their vehicle-related questions and find the right answers and solutions. The basic prerequisite is always history research including the procurement of technical drawings and delivery documents.

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Wall and layer thickness measurement

Wall thicknesses can be measured from various components and materials such as bodywork, frames and body panels. Completely substrate / material independent. If required, the individual layer thicknesses, e.g. of the paint structure, can also be examined.

Restoration and repair support

Accompaniment typically includes a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle to identify damage and defects. Appropriate restoration or repair measures are then proposed and implemented. Ideally, restoration and repair accompaniment is carried out taking into account the historical and cultural significance of the vehicle and using traditional techniques and materials.

Condition assessment engine, gearbox and differential

The Oil analysis we carry out on aggregates such as the engine, gearbox and differential in order to get a better overview of the aggregate condition. The analysis results are informative and can, for example, be an indication that the head gasket needs to be changed or that there is bearing damage.

Authentication of documents

Document authentication refers to the process of verifying whether a document is authentic or not. This is an important step to ensure that important documents such as contracts, deeds or certificates have not been forged.

Component dating

Using various scientific methods, we can date and thus certify different materials and components.

Alignment / comparison of car bodies

Originality examination of body and frame, verification of restoration / repair quality and damage assessment. Originality examination by means of comparison of original photos and existing bodywork, frame via 3D scan / model and photogrammetry, X-ray or CT.

3D scanning and modelling

The 3D scanning process captures every aspect of the vehicle, including the body, interior and mechanics. By using high-resolution cameras and laser scanners, even the smallest details such as engravings or contours can be captured.

Material analysis

By means of material analysis, we can examine and certify the originality of various components such as frames and bodywork.

FAKE, Replica vs. Original, Original

Distinguishing between original vehicles and replicas is an important task for buyers and collectors of historic vehicles. An original vehicle is one that was built in the original factory and contains all the original parts and features. A replica vehicle, on the other hand, is a replica of a historic vehicle, often made with modern components and technology.

Embossing mark investigation

Embossing markings It is essential to examine them in detail in order to determine their condition and originality. Hidden numerals, double strikes, further embossing, traces of grinding and much more can be examined.

History research and documentation

History research involves the systematic search and analysis of sources such as archives, libraries or personal records to gain an accurate understanding of past events of the vehicle.

Magneto-optical resonance method

The device is intended for non-destructive testing of the metal surface for authenticity testing and detection of forgeries of the chassis number, restoration of the original chassis number and verification of vehicle-related documents.

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OES spectroscopy

Spectroscopy (OEM) is used to determine the material composition, i.e. the elements of which the material at hand is composed in percentage terms, and a Determination of originality and dating of the component can be carried out.

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Non-destructive coating thickness measurements of, for example, frame material or car body sheet metal or paint thickness measurements on car bodies.

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Oil analysis

Enables precise analysis of the oil in the engine/transmission for its components. The results of the analysis are meaningful and can be an indication, for example, that the head gasket needs to be changed or that there is bearing damage.

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Visual and non-assembly inspection of individual components (cylinders and cavities in the vehicle frame). Determination of corrosion, weld seams, etc.

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Magnetic inductive & eddy current measuring method

Measure paint thicknesses on steel and aluminium sheets and evaluate the quality of the paint build-up, as well as the underlying sheet structures.

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3D scan / model

In addition to the purely objective, visual assessment of the vehicle, a three-dimensional recording of bodies and frames can help to answer certain questions, particularly with regard to authenticity, restoration assessment, freedom from damage and originality.

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Defects in workpieces that lie below the surface are detected. These are detected by thermographically deriving the heat flow inside the test specimen from the surface temperature. 

Spectral luminescence microscope

The microscope enables dactiloscopic, ballistic, trasological, handwriting and forensic examinations to be carried out on documents of all kinds.

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Originality investigations


Repair and restoration calculations

Scientific methods

Here you will find a selection of scientific and forensic methods which are regularly used in our company.

X-ray examination and CT

X-ray inspection and X-ray CT map the internal structure of a component. Materials with different densities and nuclear charge numbers are distinguished particularly well. In addition, foreign inclusions or pores and other cavities can be easily detected and localised. 

Ultrasonic testing

The wall thicknesses of various components such as bodywork, frame, as well as the paint structure on GRP/CFRP body parts can be measured. 

Eddy current magnetography device

The device is intended for the non-destructive testing of ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials for the detection of counterfeit vehicle identification numbers.

Spectral luminescence microscopy

The microscope enables dactiloscopic, ballistic, trasological, handwriting and forensic examinations to be carried out.

Optical emission spectroscopy

By means of material analysis and subsequent dating, we can examine and certify the originality of various components such as the frame and body.

3D scan / 3D surface analysis

body or the frame is recorded three-dimensionally using a 3D scanner. The result of such a scan is a point cloud of measurement points, which is converted into a three-dimensional model of the vehicle using software and rework. 


The advantages of photogrammetry are speed, accuracy and cost efficiency. Compared to traditional methods such as surveying by hand or using laser scanners, photogrammetry can be carried out quickly and offers greater accuracy and detail.

Infrared spectroscopy

In FT-IR spectroscopy, the samples interact with infrared radiation. This excites molecular groups to oscillate at characteristic wavelengths, causing radiation to be absorbed. Absorption bands are formed in the spectrum that are characteristic of functional groups in the molecule and therefore allow conclusions to be drawn about the material composition.

Magneto-optical resonance method

The Magneto Optical Method is based on a resonance method using magnetic energy and helps us to identify the Embossing markings on a vehicle. Hidden numbers, double strokes, grinding marks and much more can be examined, because the invisible is made visible.

Gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy

Volatile organic substances are thermally desorbed in a glass tube and frozen out with a helium flow in the liner of a cold feed system. The separated individual substances are identified on the basis of their mass spectra as well as their retention indices, as far as possible. 

Thermographic survey

This test method is used to detect defects in workpieces that lie below the surface. These are detected by thermographically deriving the heat flow inside the test piece from the surface temperature. 

Micro- / Macroscopy

With the help of micro- and macroscopy, the material composition of components and paintwork can be analysed. These techniques can be used to find out what kind of materials have been used in a component or whether there has been any manipulation of the paint finish.


  • Proof of identity and confirmation by means of scientific examinations
  • Component dating
  • Non-destructive authentication and proof of originality
  • Certification
  • Authentication of documents
  • Definition of the necessary scope of restoration and consultation (restoration ethics)  
  • Calculation of repair scope and support or repair assistance
  • Valuation: market, replacement and reinstatement value
  • Determination of the condition of the vehicle
  • Detect torsion or compression of a body or frame and plan possible repair measures based on this.

How can we help you further? Here are some of the products and services we offer. 


Everything about buying and selling, repairs, restorations, originality, value and market assessment.

- Restoration and repair support
- Vehicle condition assessment and advice on conservation, value enhancement and preservation of cultural assets
- Advice around Concours d'Elegance

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Valuation report

Our top priority is an objective and detailed examination.


To this end, various forensic and scientific methods are regularly used during our examinations so that we can incorporate objective, scientific findings into our expert opinions.

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Damage appraisal

For racing and sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes - all special motor vehicles! Since 1986, we have stood for what every motorist wants in the event of a claim: fast, transparent and competent service. We come to you or your preferred workshop and assess your vehicle on site.

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