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Valuation report

Value and authenticity appraisals, technical inspections, engine and transmission appraisals and everything to do with your collector's vehicle.
















Whether a super sports car, racing car or classic car

We guarantee you with every one of our vehicle inspections: 

Professional competence and expertise for your vehicle. Every assembly is examined in detail, the best thing is for you to be there! A lifting platform is mandatory! Oil analysis of the assemblies such as engine, gearbox and differential are a must! Our network and expertise for you! History research and manufacturer data such as the delivery certificate are consulted by us in the course of the preparations or for the preparation of the expert opinion (additional costs may arise) Coating thickness measurement of the paintwork Endoscopy of the cavities.

We stand for quality with our name!

Check our example report below

Furthermore, we can offer you

Test drive

Test drive with video and sound - top sound quality

Threat escort

with Hasselblad camera and excellent image quality

Live image transmission

of the vehicle inspection directly into your living room

How can we help you further? Here are some of the products and services we offer. 

Kukuk certification

Authentication & Certification - We determine the degree of originality and originality scientifically, objectively and carry out certification of authenticity.

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Damage appraisal

For racing and sports cars, classic cars and motorbikes - all special motor vehicles! Since 1986, we have stood for what every motorist wants in the event of a claim: fast, transparent and competent service. We come to you or your preferred workshop and assess your vehicle on site.

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Everything about buying and selling, repairs, restorations, originality, value and market assessment.

- Restoration and repair support
- Vehicle condition assessment and advice on conservation, value enhancement and preservation of cultural assets
- Advice around Concours d'Elegance

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We are here for you and look forward to helping you!

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Kukuk

Vehicle engineer Laura Kukuk

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