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Which registration office do I have to go to?

Registration, re-registration and deregistration of vehicles by a private person are only possible at the registration authority of the main place of residence according to section 46 paragraph 2 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance. Information on registration and opening hours can be found on the authority's website.

Here you can download the document as a "pdf" and print it out: Service tip vehicle registration

Which papers are necessary?

In any case, you will need the vehicle registration certificate/registration certificate part II, confirmation of insurance, direct debit authorisation for vehicle tax and your identity card. Depending on the registration process, you may also need to present the vehicle registration certificate/registration certificate part I, the main inspection report and the EC certificate of conformity. Only if all documents are complete and valid (see table) will you be granted the desired registration.

What is the eVB number required for?

Since March 2008, the electronic insurance confirmation, or eVB for short, has replaced the double card. With the seven-digit code number, the registration office can retrieve all necessary insurance data of the owner from the central office of the insurers. If you do not know your number, all you have to do is call your insurance company. You will then usually receive the eVB within 24 hours.

How does the admission process work?

Five steps are usually necessary:
> Examination of the submitted documents by a clerk
> Issue of a registration plate, sign registration application for this purpose
> Pay registration fee, do not forget receipt for presentation
> Have licence plates embossed and buy
> At the handover counter there are the sealed number plates and the vehicle documents

What does the registration cost?

Depending on the procedure, the fees range from 50 cents, for example for an adhesive seal, to up to 100 euros, for example for issuing red number plates. For the registration of a new car, about 26 euros are due. The registration office will tell you the exact prices, which are not regulated uniformly throughout Germany. The table lists average costs.

Is internet admission possible?

According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, complete online registration is not feasible in the foreseeable future. However, work is currently underway on various methods to support parts of the registration process through internet procedures.

What is seasonal approval?

This authorisation is valid for a fixed period of time with a special registration number. The validity is limited to a minimum of two months and a maximum of eleven months. The registration period is stamped on the right side of the licence plate. Caution: Once the registration period is over, there is no longer any insurance cover. The tax office can declare unauthorised use as tax evasion. So park it in the garage, as a deregistered car may not be parked on public roads.

What are short-term number plates?

These licence plates are only issued for test, trial and transfer journeys for a maximum of five days. They may only be used on one vehicle. The expiry date can be found on the right-hand side of the plate. Confirmation from the insurance company is required for issuance. The cost is about 40 euros including the plates.

How do I get my personalised number plate?

The licence plate can be obtained directly at the time of registration or in advance on the Internet. For example, this can be conveniently reserved online at The website connects users with the relevant registration office. The costs are the same throughout Germany. A fee of 10.20 euros and 2.60 euros for the reservation make a total of 12.80 euros. But be careful: depending on the authority, the reservation takes between three days and three months.

How do I deregister a vehicle?

To decommission a vehicle, you must take the vehicle title/registration certificate part II, vehicle registration certificate/registration certificate part I and the licence plates to the authority and have the vehicle decommissioned. If the car has been scrapped, a certificate of destruction must also be submitted.
Source: auto Test (Auto Bild)

Fees of the motor vehicle authorities

Registration new car
26,00 €
Registration of used cars within the registration district
11,00 €
Registration used car within the
Registration district with change of holder
18,00 €
Registration of used cars from outside the
Registration district without change of holder
26,00 €
Registration of used cars from outside the
Registration district with change of holder
28,00 €
Re-registration without change of holder
26,00 €
Re-registration with change of holder
29,00 €
Deregistration for vehicles belonging to the district
5,60 €
Deregistration for foreign vehicles
10,00 €
Correction of the vehicle documents
11,00 €
Short-term licence plate (5 days)
10,00 €
Export licence plate
33,00 €
Vintage car registration plates
40,00 €
Seasonal licence plate
30,00 €
red number plates
100,00 €
Preferred number plate
10,20 €
Pre-booking of a personalised number plate
2,60 €
Fine dust sticker
5,00 €
Adhesive seal/adhesive stamp/test badge/test mark
0,50 € to 1,00 €
Issue of an operating licence (for example, moped)
10,00 € to 15,00
Registration certificate Part I (formerly vehicle registration document)
at a loss
up to € 45.00
when unusable
10,00 €
Registration certificate part II (formerly vehicle title)
at a loss
up to €70.00
when unusable
up to €10.00
Exchange of vehicle registration document into registration certificate part II
5,00 €
*Average costs, not federally regulated; all data without guarantee; source: www.


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