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Classic car seminar

Limora Oldtimer GmbH
Industrial Park North
53567 Bucholz
Engineering Office Kukuk
Kaldauer Height 11-13
51491 Overath


1.0 Straightening work on the vintage car frame

Theoretical foundations:
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ing. Paul Schöndorf

"Straightening of vehicle frames in accordance with the material".


2.0 Measurement technology for vintage car framesFunctionality of the Dataliner laser measuring system for comparison measurements of two vehicles or measurements according to the manufacturer's data sheet.


3.0 Straightening work on the vintage car frame

Practical demonstrations and straightening work by the participants

Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Christian Nalepa

"Calculation of frame damage using various examples".


4.0 Contact corrosion aluminium/steel on classic car bodywork

Practical demonstration of examinations for contact corrosion damage on various classic car bodies

Theoretical foundations:
Lecture by Dipl. Ing. Michael Heckhausen

"Contact corrosion based on the electrochemical voltage series".

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