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Resignation due to disturbing noise

Rescission due to disturbing noise on the vehicle? Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:36 OLG Frankfurt - Judgment of 28.02.2013 - 3 U 18/12 Press release of the OLG Frankfurt: In a judgment of 28.2.2013, the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main ordered a well-known car manufacturer to take back a defective new car after it was found to be defective despite a ...

Comprehensive motor insurance

Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe Judgement of 15 April 2014, 12 U 149/13 Guidelines A clause in the general terms and conditions of motor vehicle own-damage insurance, according to which there is no insurance cover for - damage that occurs during participation in driving events in which the aim is to achieve a maximum speed, including associated practice drives, and - any driving on motorsport racetracks, even if it ...

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