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Due to the threat of damage caused by long standing times of vehicles, a concept must be created to counteract this. When stationary, almost all vehicle components are affected, so that a concept should not only cover the technical components, but also optical components such as paint and chrome, interior fittings and, if available, the soft top.

A cleaning and conservation concept was developed for this purpose.

We would be happy to make you a individualWe offer you a concept tailored to your premises, storage and usage conditions and plan the optimum strategy with you!

The following components and storage parameters are dealt with in the established cleaning and conservation concept:


  •       Motor inside and outside
  •           Gearbox inside and outside
  •           Tank
  •           Chassis/cavities
  •           Lacquer
  •           Wheels
  •           Battery
  •           Chrome parts
  •           Seals/Rubbers
  •           Interior / Upholstery / Leather Upholstery
  •           Convertible top

Storage parameters         

  • Shelter         
  • Humidity         
  • Temperature         
  • Indoor climate

Necessary equipment         

  • Cleaning agents         
  • Rust removal tools         
  • Cavity preservation-           
  • grease/protective wax         
  • Ice blasting
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